Census Addon Complete…

… more or less. It’s actually not that hard, and it served as a great introduction to the more complicated addons I’ll have to put together. The next on my list is the auction house scanner. This will take some more exploring.

In the meantime, I’m taking a completely random sample of the game world by zone. This is a ‘first step’, and it includes unlikely places such as old raid zones, arenas, and five-man dungeons – such as Scholomance and Botanica – that are never used anymore because they were designed for the endgame of the previous expansion (or the original game).

From this, I’ll be putting together a list of zones to sample that will vary with server time (probably by the hour, but perhaps only by every 4 or 6 hours). In particular, to identify players it is only useful if an average of 2 characters is observed in a zone at any one time. So i’ll probably exclude zones from future samples if they average less than two characters, and especially if I never see more than 2 characters there. I’ll also have to design a search-text parsing algorithm in order to break out the population in cities, where the number of characters in-zone is greater than the social interface maximum of 49.


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