WoW account hacked: Resolution

I sought and executed many strategies to find and remove the keylogger I suspect found its way onto my PC, but ultimately I had no choice but to nuke the drives and start from scratch.

I ran scans using Windows Defender, Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool, Malwarebytes, and two types of AVG scans – one after booting windows, and another using an AVG Rescue CD to do a pre-boot scan. I found nothing.

In the meantime, Blizzard got back in touch with me and restored my Battle.Net account to my email address. Using a clean (I hope!) PC, I immediately created a new email address with a completely new password, and then switched all my account information to that email address. I will probably break down and get an authenticator as well.

An altogether interesting, frustrating, and time-consuming interlude in the broader mission to conduct economics research in WoW. Serves to remind a person that although many companies are working to incorporate RMT into their business model, there’s still plenty of demand for the third party kind – and plenty of people using unsavory methods to supply it.


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